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We are a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals and companies with experience that guarantee our service. We pride ourselves in only supplying our customers with best in class products. We count on our great capacity in the integration of solutions while striving for the maximum in personal development and integration of high quality products. This, combined with the experience specific classes, proper methods and the selective use of technology, makes SLAM the company of choice for the integration of services and strategic solutions.

Phantom_P-G_thumbWelcome to the Home of the Phantom in México  

The Phantom high speed camera´s from Vision Research® give a new dimension and sense to the eye, letting the user see details of a certain event when it's too fast to see or too important not to.F4K-Left-plain We will gladly make a demonstration of the cameras capabilities or provide you with a custom v2511proposal and configuration of a Phantom camera system according to your needs.

LEX-TAG0915Lex Products We are an industry leader in both commercial and military power distribution markets due in large part to continuous innovation, award-winning customer service, and world-class manufacturing techniques. pagodaduplexweatherlgOur focus is on markets with special requirements – rough use, extreme climates, and high amounts of power load balancing. InfinityBlackLogoInfinity Photo-Optical is the recognized world leader in long-distance and continuously-focusable microscope technology. Infinity manufactures long-distance microscopes, continuously-focusable microscopes, macro systems, internal-focusing devices and other lenses for industrial inspection, process/product monitoring, machine vision,Model K1 CentriMax-C-Mount Quality Control, advanced imaging, non-contact gauging/inspection and laser/biomedical research.

 Long Distance Microscopes

TemaLogoMotion Analysis Software

Image Systems is the world leader in motion analysis of video and high-speed digital image sequences. TEMAMiniDemo

TEMA Motion and Automotive is addressed to following industries: automotive, military and aeronautics, research and development, manufacturing and academic applications in universities around the world. 30 Day Eval License

Mega Speed Logo square JPEGMegaSpeed, with headquarters in Minnedosa, Manitoba Canada. Provider of advanced high-speed cameras. X4Cameras offer advanced design and features such as automatic exposure control, binning capabilities, mechanical shutters and on-board real-time data acquisition. Demo .


I-MOVIX logoi-movix is the worldwide leader in extreme slow motion for broadcast. The Belgian-based company develops in-house and brings to the market ultra slow motion solutions for the broadcast industry (from 150 to over 5,000 frames per second).X10 UHD RF-001 The company's products are the first true ultra-slow motion systems, fully integrated for broadcast use, offering the unprecedented combination of very high frame rates and instant replay, or continuous streaming. Demo .

li-logoLambert Instruments’ mission is to develop, produce and market high-end image intensifiers for time-resolved imaging at low light levels guided by customer feedback.HICATT Besides a range of standard products also custom-made products are offered.

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ServicioFilmacionHigh Speed Camera Shooting 

A service we offer for the industrial market, manufacturing, packaging, research and development. Also in a personal scope to athletes and sports applications for the improvement of their physical performance.

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